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Free Guitar Trial

30 minutes free session to introduce the basic lessons, orientation

  • 30 minutes

Service Description

In this session we will introduce the basic information about different guitars, body and parts of guitars. Holding the Guitar: To start, we will explain on proper posture and hand positions when playing guitar. Sometimes a simple adjustment to your body helps break through barriers that may be preventing you from getting the sound you desire. Pay special attention to forming good habits right from day one. Only then can you be sure to please your ear with your talent! Tuning the Guitar: No matter how much you know or how hard you practice, you won't enjoy the sound if your guitar is out of tune. Song Keys: All songs are written in keys, and the same song can be played in twelve different ones! However, generally certain keys lend themselves to certain instruments, and perhaps most relevant, a singer's range will determine the best key for his or her vocal. Q&A and more details about us with an understanding of the next steps for enrollment Required Materials: Acoustic Guitar |Guitar Picks

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