Lucy Learning

Conceptually, Lucy Learning is “a school after school”. Our e-learning platform tackles subjects which usually fall outside a regular school curriculum.

Our structured curriculum grooms students—primarily children and young adults—for performances, certification exams and competitions.

Even as that sounds fierce and competitive, it is a fun process. Because, this is essentially a place for young people to develop crucial skills to navigate this world. We want them to become kinder, wiser, smarter people.

Our Story

Lucy Learning has its ethos deeply set in the profound understanding that arts, music, etc. are skill sets that are needed by all. Unfortunately, in most schools such classes are unavailable as a part of their regular curriculum. More often than not, training in this genre is considered niche and hence expensive. Lucy Learning is set to change this notion for good.

Lucy Learning aims to bridge this gap by ‘democratisation’ i.e. making it accessible and affordable to all through their online platform. Moreover, all the classes of Lucy Learning regardless of the course, are handled by trained, certified professionals. For instance, all our music classes are taken by tutors who are Trinity College of Music certified. Such is the professionalism that we offer through our online platform.

We walked our talk as well.

We are an organisation that is authorised to operate in this line of service. Lucy Learning FZ LLC under Media Zone, Creative City, Fujairah, UAE with Licence Number 7613/2021 calls out loud our commitment to providing services that are statutorily complied and follow all regulations and quality parameters.

Since its inception in 2021, we have successfully trained 600 students across multiple disciplines through more than 28,000 hours of online classes. We do not intend to rest on our laurels but march forward covering more students, more courses and more success stories.

The roots of Lucy

“Lucy” is the nickname given to one of the most famous and significant discoveries in paleoanthropology, providing crucial insights into human evolution. With the discovery of Lucy, a world of understanding on how humans evolved was understood which was until then a jigsaw puzzle that didn’t have all the pieces.

For us, Lucy represents the bridge that connects us to a wider, deeper understanding of the abilities that us humans have but are waiting to be explored. And we at Lucy Learning believe that each kid has talents and potential that go beyond the four walls of the classroom and are waiting to be untapped. Lucy Learning wants to be the provider of mentorship and training such that all the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ are together and collectively, we carve out fine men and women who do good with their talents.

The Founders

Bijoy Varghese

Founder and Managing Director

Our Founder and Managing Director, Bijoy Varghese is a dynamic, results-oriented education specialist and a leader who inspires his team to do their best, always. With the experience of more than two decades in supporting education policy and programs for various educational institutions in GCC countries,  Mr. Bijoy has initiated and driven multiple initiatives to fruitful completion.

With an ardent passion to do more for children for their cognitive growth and overall development, Lucy Learning was created to be an online platform for kids aged between 5 and 15. Aimed initially as an online platform for kids to take up music, dance and arts, Lucy Learning has now spread its wings to more realms of online education.

Eugene Koshy

Co founder and Director 

In an age where innovation is paramount, Eugene Koshy comes in as a visionary leader who challenges status quos, transforms and believes in the power of digital platforms and the potential it beholds. He dreams the big picture of redefining how the world of tomorrow embraces and cherishes the universal language of music, arts and other streams of learnings to children across the globe.

Mr. Eugene’s unshakeable commitment and expertise is putting Lucy Learning in a formidable position. His power of visualisation is changing how children experience music, unleash their creativity, and cultivate their unique talents through Lucy’s online platform.

Our Team

Binoy Varghese

Administrator – Operations

Binoy Varghese is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in management and accounting, having been integral to Lucy-Learning since its inception. His expertise includes multitasking, cash management, accounting, and IT, which have consistently improved financial stability and operational efficiency. With a decade of dedicated accounting experience, Binoy specializes in delivering comprehensive accounting and payroll services, making him a trusted asset in financial management.

Geetha Varghese

Programme Administrator

Geetha Varghese is a highly accomplished educator with over a decade of experience, excelling in both teaching and administrative roles. Her journey has taken her from a Kindergarten teacher to the role of Education Manager, showcasing her proficiency in resource management, curriculum development, and staff coordination. Geetha’s versatility spans various educational domains, including Drama, Speech, Communicative Skills, Kindergarten Teaching, and Classroom Management. Despite her administrative achievements, her true passion lies in the classroom, where she nurtures confident, self-sufficient learners. As a proud mother of two, she aspires to inspire and positively impact countless students in her dual roles as a teacher and administrative leader.

Eden Koshy

Coordinator (Marketing & Product Development)

Eden Koshy has written, performed and produced music. Quite an asset for an after-school learning centre like Lucy Learning. However it is her marketing and administration skills that we will be primarily banking on. She holds a BBA (International Business) from Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan.

Lucy Learning FZ LLC is a company incorporated under Media Zone, Creative City, Fujairah, UAE with License No. 17613/2021


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