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At Lucy Learning, our tutors are more than just seasoned professionals with impressive resumes; they are the compassionate mentors who are dedicated to shaping the future of our students. Beyond their extensive expertise, our tutors embody warmth and kindness, fostering a supportive learning environment where every student can thrive. With unwavering commitment, they inspire and guide our learners on their educational journey, ensuring that each one reaches their full potential. Join us and experience the difference that our exceptional tutors make in nurturing the next generation of achievers.

John Joseph

Guitar Instructor

7 Years Experience

John is being humble when he says that he is a part of a band as a full time guitarist and has a Youtube channel. A wizard in his own right, he plays the ukulele, mandolin, keyboard and mridangam as well apart from being well versed with Western and Classical Guitar styles. He loves to create original compositions and enjoys the process of getting to the final piece more than anything else.

Sujith K Sankar

Piano Instructor

6 Years Experience

Sujith who is an ardent fan of AR Rahman enjoys playing the piano more than any other instrument. He enjoys the versatility of the instrument and has a studio of his own. When not inspiring young kids to take up music, he is into Music Production and creating his own compositions. Sujith dreams of starting his own music school one day with the most advanced technologies.

Samuel Pillai J

Piano Instructor

10 Years Experience

Samuel is a multifaceted artist and music instructor with expertise in piano, guitar and the drums. Even with 10 years of experience, Samuel considers himself a student of music, learning each day and exploring new avenues. Samuel is also an integral part of a music band and has a Youtube Channel as well to his name.

TC Keerthi

Electronic Keyboard Instructor

7 Years Experience

In Keerthi’s own words, “If a person has a gift of music, he or she doesn’t need any other skill or anything because it is unmatchable”. And we can’t agree more. Keerthi, who started her musical journey with Carnatic vocals at the age of eight, is passionate about teaching and spreading the joy of music.  She intends to help her students learn the correct technique and gain a love for music.

Sachin Jain


5 Years Experience

Sachin who is well versed with the guitar, ukulele and also the piano chose music as a career as it allows him to express his emotions, thoughts and ideas with others. He believes it is a unique way to connect with audiences on a profound level. Owner of a Youtube Channel, Sachin wants to take his work to the world out there and wants to make a difference to this world with music.

Rahan Raj

Piano Instructor

2 Years Experience

Rahan who has an interest in drums apart from Piano takes inspiration from Lang Lang, the celebrated Pianist from China. Rahan aspires to emulate everything that Mr. Lang does as he in awe of this great performer and wishes to perform with Mr. Lang someday as a part of his orchestra.

R Yokesh

Piano Instructor

5 Years Experience

Yokesh strongly opines that music is life and that it gives us the wellbeing and the feeling of being alive more than anything else. Yokesh who has more than five years of experience brings to the table a wealth of talent that includes his mastery over musical instruments like Guitar and Drums apart from his core strengths that is piano and keyboard. Yokesh’s dream as a musician is that all should experience and feel Music the way it is supposed to be.

Dharini R

Piano Instructor

5 Years Experience

Dharini tells us that music chose her rather than the other way round. And we see it every day where she brings a tonne of enthusiasm and energy to the classes. As a music teacher who is well versed with multiple instruments and as a person well trained in Carnatic music, Dharini says that everyday is a learning and she will continue to be a student of music forever.

Annie Jennifer

Vocals Instructor

6 Years Experience

Annie has been passionate about music ever since her childhood. She continues to be a part of multiple bands and the 50 member strong choir which goes by the name ‘The Indian Choral Ensemble’ that is based out of Chennai, India. She is trained in Western, Carnatic and Hindustani Music and enjoys playing the Piano and the Ukulele as well.

Alino Pauly

Piano Instructor

Piano Instructor

Alino is a Youtuber when not helping her students hone their skills with the Piano and the Keyboard. Alino aspires to be one of the best music performers of all time. She is hopeful that her dream of being a music director will come true someday soon. Until then and as much as possible, she wants to inspire and be a good teacher of music.

Sharvil Gandhi


4 Years Experience

In Sharvil’s words, ‘where words fail to express, music blossoms’. A guitarist by profession, a percussionist by talent, Sharvil is also a part of a band that goes by the name ‘Folk Acoustic Ramblings’. We totally stand by Sharvil when he says that he believes that music gives a different level of freedom and it is something we should all experience.

Anil Kumar Sharma


4 Years Experience

Anil has been teaching Guitar for more than 4 years now. Give him any sort of guitar – acoustic, electric or bass and he will play the music of your choice. He plays a key part on the band called ‘APK Files’ and enjoys the journey of self discovery through his guitar

Shinoob T A


4.5 Years Experience

Shinoob is an art aficionado and more than that, an art professional who has exhibited his work at Indian and International exhibitions. His expertise spans across drawing, painting, digital art, and various crafts. While he is more passionate about experimenting with water colours, Shinoob is also into digital art thus learning new skills and technologies on the go. He gains joy from the ability to transform his ideas to tangible art that can be appreciated by all.

Prapulla L M


2 Years Experience

Prapulla brings to the fore a wealth of experience in teaching alongside a postgraduate degree in Digital Electronics. Having worked on multiple coding applications and projects, she knows for a fact that block based coding is the best way to go about teaching young kids the art of coding. Three of her students have till date have created projects that were shortlisted by The Silicon Valley. She is determined to add more numbers to that list with Lucy Learning.

Shallu Mendiratta

Public Speaking INSTRUCTOR

2 Years Experience

Shallu with merely two years of experience as a public speaking coach has trained more than 1000 students. This goes on to speak volumes of her passion for the subject, her profound knowledge and expertise in this domain and her devotion to do more. Having worked with multiple organisations, Shallu is creative in her approach to dispel the fear that most kids face of facing a crowd.

Justin Joseph


22 Years Experience

Justin is a FIDE rated player and a qualified trainer by AICF for Chess @ Schools Programme. He has won many tournaments for himself over the years including the Kerala District Championship in India in 2011. With more than 2 decades of experience, Justin has trained students to become State National and Asian Champions. 

Rakesh Raman

Guitar and Vocals Instructor

9 Years Experience

Rakesh knows for a fact that when you have a skill that is inimitable, you are not only obsessed by that skill but enjoy doing and learning more about it every single day. Rakesh who has more than 9 years of experience sometimes takes the centre stage as a vocalist for blues and rock bands. At other times, he is a guitarist besides being a trainer and student of music.

Sudha Bhujel

Vocalist Instructor

3.5 Years Experience

Sudha, who is trained in Western music, believes strongly that the voice is the best and the most versatile instrument there is. The human voice, according to her, never ceases to amaze and there is always something to learn and explore. She adds that it takes a lot of hardwork and dedication to upkeep the signing talent which is often taken for granted.

Joseph Manoharan

Vocalist & Piano Instructor

3 Years Experience

Joseph dons many hats of talent every day. Although a vocalist and piano trainer with Lucy, Joseph is well versed with the Violin, Guitar and the Cajun. He is also the founder of the YAHWAVES choir.

Joseph enjoys singing the most as he says that it helps him to channelise the musician in him to do more wondrous things.

Sanoop Sadheerthan

Piano Instructor

4 Years Experience

Sanoop’s aspirations are in line with Lucy’s – to be the best at what we do. Sanoop is steadfast on becoming a celebrated classical piano performer. In his opinion, the piano’s rich and versatile sound enables him to convey a wide range of emotions and connect with people at a deeper level. The joy and fulfilment that he gets when playing the piano is unparalleled, Sanoop adds.

Susan George Villoth

Dept Head English Proficiency Tests

6 Years Experience

Susan George Villoth, a qualified TESOL / TEFL Trainer with specialization in Business English, along with the Master Trainer Program in Training Design, Delivery, Assessment & Evaluation is passionate not only about assisting learners in improving their communications skills but also about imparting valuable knowledge to groom professionals by conducting soft skills training to help them have success in their career. Her knowledge, expertise and experience in coaching learners for IELTS, PTE, OET and TOEFL ensures that test takers are well prepared to take the test with confidence and get their required scores.

Applying a structured and organized approach to preparing need based curriculum, planning and preparing effective interactive lesson plans, Susan is able to ensure that students apply their learning right from day 1 in the classroom. Whether it’s improving a learner’s English language skills or helping students to understand test formats and the best way to approach tests, she works to the best of her abilities to provide a meaningful learning experience for her students.

Susan brings over 30 years of professional experience and knowledge across the Middle East, the United Kingdom and India.

Post Graduate Diploma in Training Design, Delivery, Assessment & Evaluation (Master Trainer Program) from the Asian College of Teachers
TESOL Accreditation Certificate from TESOL Canada International Diploma in TEFL / TESOL Specialising in Business English Teachers Training from Asian College of Teachers Professional Diploma in Marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.

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